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The art of finding the perfect blends and spices

With more than 4 centuries of history, Greek cuisine is one of the oldest in the world.

Kojax Souflaki began its activities in Québec forty years ago in 1977, when Giovanni Fiorino, along with partners Louis Iacino, Jimmy Ponzo and Mario Iannuzzi, bought the first restaurant on Sainte-Catherine Street West in Montréal.

Proud Europeans, they were completely familiar with Greek cuisine and accumulated several years of experience enabling them to firmly establish themselves in the Québec landscape. After only a few years of operation, Kojax Souflaki opened its doors throughout the Province and its franchises are increasing. Its growth confirms its success and the quality of its typical Mediterranean dishes.

A true leader in the fast food field, Kojax Souflaki is recognized with its customers for its

authentic flavours and its irreprochable freshness.


Genuine Greek cuisine with fast and courteous service

Discover Greece and its unforgettable flavours with a unique concept in fast food. Kojax Souflaki restaurants honour the freshness
of Greek cuisine at their shopping mall service counters or at their store-front restaurants.

Carefully prepared by a well- trained and courteous staff, the typically Mediterranean dishes are
served in just a few minutes. Discover the grilled Greek flavour prepared according to time-honoured
traditions and accompanied by crunchy salads and side dishes each more tasty than the other.

A leader in Greek fast food, Kojax Souflaki features fresh and
quality food combined with excellent service.

Les entreprises Kojax Souflaki is ...

  • More than forty years of skill
  • An effective and recognized method
  • A dynamic franchise system
  • A profitable investment
  • Passionate people

A tasty dish
served to your taste!

Kojax Souflaki puts the emphasis on the quality of its products and service that defies any fast food competition.

Since the company is recognized and appreciated by its customers and franchisees, Kojax Souflaki puts the emphasis first on the quality of its products and its impeccable service.
For more than forty years, its founders have ensured that the fundamental values of the company are properly transmitted to franchisees. This is why each Kojax restaurant enjoys solid business support when implementing its establishment.
This continuity is felt: in each Kojax Souflaki restaurant, our customer is served courteously and efficiently. The impeccable quality of our food is aimed at those who enjoy and love Greek grilled food, salads and tasty side dishes.

Kojax Souflaki's mission is to continue to serve its customers as if
it were family and to prepare typical Mediterranean dishes like as Mamma (μαμά) makes:
with fresh products and lots of love.