Grab the opportunity!


Have you ever dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur and owning your own restaurant?

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur and owning your own restaurant?

Kojax can make it happen with a reasonable investment.

Do you have what it takes?

  • You have experience in the restaurant industry with continuous presence in the day-to-day operations;
  • You have management ability or you are able to acquire additional resources;
  • You have a PASSION for fast food, and you are ready to get involved in growth and to promote the Kojax Souflaki concept;
  • You have the financial capability to carry out the Kojax Souflaki concept.
  • The purchase price includes a full 3-week training course and 1 additional week of training on restaurant premises. We are looking for dynamic, self-motivated, and hard-working individuals who are ready to sign up for a life-changing experience. If you meet all the criteria, please call Joseph at our head office. Let's get started!

    514 693-8889 or 1-866-98kojax (1-866-985-6529)

    Authentic and generous cuisine, Kojax's fast Greek food offers a wide selection of dishes
    prepared according to tradition, with fresh, tasty and spicy products
    that are just right; a quick and easy treat!

    A varied menu

    Kojax offers a selection of Mediterranean-inspired dishes made from fresh ingredients.
    Prepared by chefs who know the secrets of authentic Greek cuisine,
    our dishes are generous and tasty.

    Freshness and outstanding taste

    Discover the flavor of grilled Greek dishes prepared according to traditions and accompanied by crunchy salads,
    Tzatziki sauce, pita bread and side-dishes
    each of which is more delicious than the other.

    Prime locations

    Kojax restaurants are strategically located in the heart of shopping malls.
    Some branches are also store-front restaurants.

    Restaurant in a shopping mall

    The primary advantage of a franchise in a shopping mall is that customers there are called "captive", i.e.
    that they are already on site with a desire to eat food. They have a choice from among a limited number of restaurants
    and, therefore, it is easier to reach a broader customer base. Furthermore, shopping centre customers are likely to return
    if they liked the service and dishes: the potential of keeping a customer is then increased.
    The risk is rather low with this type of formula which suits many franchisees.

    Store-front restaurant

    A store-front restaurant has the advantage of being accessible to all, at any time. Freedom of movement is often greater
    than in a shopping center and the customer's attraction is different. We are speaking more about advertising and marketing efforts here,
    but Kojax Souflaki's excellent reputation counts for a lot. Although the risk is greater,
    the benefits are superior, which appeals to certain franchisees.

    Services offerts

    Les franchisés Kojax Souflaki bénéficient d'un large éventail de services de soutien, notamment :

  • Modèle économique attrayant
  • Plan d'affaires
  • Soutien à la recherche et négociation de sites
  • Programme de formation complet et solide
  • Soutien à l'ouverture
  • Encadrement sur demande dans la gestion globale de nos établissements franchisés
  • Soutien marketing et promotions
  • Nouveaux menus
  • Programmes de mentorat et formation
  • Partenariat stratégique
  • Formulaire de candidature

    La franchise Kojax souflaki vous intéresse? Dans un premier temps, veuillez remplir ce formulaire de candidature et nous le retourner par télécopieur au 514 693-5112 ou par courriel à cette adresse : Un membre de l'équipe vous contactera afin d'organiser une rencontre. Tous les renseignements fournis dans ce formulaire demeureront confidentiels et ne seront en aucun cas divulgués à une tierce partie.